Thursday, August 28, 2014

Father's son

Leevi Lemmitty: Isän poika 2010
Illustrations: Jukka Lemmetty
based on a 3d computer animation.

Mouse family lives in a leg of a grand piano. Father has been a boxer in his youth, now he tunes pianos. His son wants to be a ballet dancer and his father is a bit dissapointed.

One day a huge black cat captures Father Mouse and Son Mouse has to do something about it. It turns out that ballet and boxing have something in common.

Cute story about how parents want to fullfill their dream through their kids and how it always pays off to be true to your self, which isn't always easy.   And I guess every child wants to make their parent proud. I haven't seen the animation, but at least as a book the story works.

More about Isän poika.

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