Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Case of stalagmite

Laura Ruohonen 2017: Tippukivitapaus
Illustrated by Erika Kallasmaa

Colorful poems about all kinds of creatures. This book surely shows Finnish language at its best. If these poems were written in English, I would not understand them. The beauty is based on the similarities of the words. For example Tapani from Haaparanta, who alters his habbits (parantaa tapansa) or the icefishers having a picnic in Piikkö (Piikkiöläiset pilkkijät piknikillä). And naturally for me it all rhymes! No modern poems for me.

We also learn about the hot tears of the volcano (of which we know nothing about), what the picky eater has for lunch or what happens when you have gloves (you have to have hands, if you have hands you need a piano and so on..). And naturally there is the discussion - or  the argument if you wish - if the sauna whisk is actually called vihta or vasta.

This was also transformed into a musical at the Finnish National Theater, Kansallisteatteri in Helsinki

Here's a "music video" named "If you have gloves" and you can listen to the music in Spotify

Picky-eaters lunch

Sauna whisk in west vs. Sauna whisk in east

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