Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hedgehog's Fairytale tree

 Pia Perkiƶ 2018: Siilin satupuu
Illustrated by Pia Sakki

The magic of the forest. Hedgehog and its friends are the main characters of this book.  The book is written in poem form, and the stories are easy to follow by the smallest listeners.

Fox is delivering messages across town, frog is preparing for a jumping competition. Rabbit offers squirrel some hot juice on their skiing trip.

In the spring hedgehog has its birthday and hugs everyone. Luckily there are enough band-aids, if the spikes are too rough.

Water goblin (vesihiisi) tells stories on Sundays at five.

Summertime makes the foxes fall in love, mole keeps a daycare for worms. (This is kind of scary, since moles eat worms. But let's not tell this to the kids. Maybe its a vegetarian mole.)

In the fall, the spiders weave a blanket, the squirrel grandpa makes porridge,the rabbi catches a train and a fox hears a lullaby.

Lovely poems and super cute illustrations. I am kind of sad, my boys think they are too old for this kind of poems, but I get my sons to read this, because there are few words and this is fast to read.

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