Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Glider - the flying squirrel

Elina Kynsijärvi 2013: Liituri
Photographs: Benjam Pönttinen

Glider's son wants to see the world. His mother thinks, it is too soon. The book is written is rhyme and the photos tell the story of the life of the flying squirrel.

Flying squirrel is probably the most hated animal in Finland if you ask any developer or constration worker. Many building projects have been iced, because some flying squirrel dropping have been found on the site. I have heard that these droppings have been found even in the middle of a field, where the flying squirrels do not live. People are using it as as scapegoat, when they do not want  new buildings near them. Stupid people!

Glider's family ready to see the world. 
The flying squirrel is endangered and its in habitat is to be reserved.  The book is beautiful and since the flying squirrel is really hard to see, it makes the species visible and familiar.

At YLE Areena you can see a film about the flying squirrel in Finland. At least in Spring 2018.

YLE also wrote about making flying squirrel crossing in Helsinki. I really want to see that traffic sign.

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