Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Maltti and Valtti on an almost deserted island

Jerry Mikkelinen and Jussi Ollila 2016: Maltti & Valtti melkein autiolla saarella
illustraded by Teemu Åke.

Maltti and Valtti are back! After their visit to Grandma's, they have a new job to save a shipwreck man. The two traffic park officers get themself also stranded on an island and find many curious things, such as a poo trap, which turns out to be a ancient way to use the toilet.

Maltti and Valtti learn valuable things on the island and it turns out the man was not shipwrecked after all. Ingeniously they get help by sending smoke signals.  The pair teaches wilderenss skills to the reader.

Maltti and Valtti find food on the island.
Maltti and Valtti are terrific charachters, the kids love when adults are clueless. We happend to see the two live at a near by festival and they were funny. Not only the kids but adults too were chuckling at their stories.

Maltti & Valtti live.

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