Thursday, June 23, 2016

Eelis at summer house

Tittamari Marttinen 2006: Eelis mökillä
Illustrated by Anne Peltola

Eelis and his family are packing all kinds of useful stuff to take on their vacation on a summer house. The house smells funny and mice had eaten everything that was left in for the winter.

The vacation starts with cleaning, but luckily Eelis does not have to participate, he can go check his treasures in a secret hiding place. Then his best friend Iiris, arrives with her family. The dad's play darts (the Finnish kind, with only ten circles, most points "10" can be received in the middle).

Then it is time to fo fishing.  Mom is calling everyone to sauna, but the kids ride their bikes to the cafe near by, where they get ice cream.  Back at the summer house Eelis tells Iiris about the outhouse monster, which hides. Suddenly, surprise guests arrive by boat. You never know if they stay for the night or for the week. With sauna the families and friends roast sausages by the fire.

Next day is beautiful and the children spend the day in the lake swimming. Then the weather changes and it starts to rain. The kids play inside.

When you are invited to a summer house, be prepared: it can be a cartboard box with no electricity and an out house or it can be a luxurious log house with a hot tub. Nonetheless all Finns are very proud of their summer houses and are very hospitable. Be also prepared to work in a summer house, there always is something to do, if not chopping wood then taring the roofs.

After Midsummer all Finland closes and most of the Finns can be found in their summer houses.

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