Thursday, May 21, 2015


Laura Ruohonen 2008: Yökyöpelit
Illustrated by Erika Kallasmaa

In a mysterious building no one sleeps at night: flues sigh, the elevator is coughing, the basement door squeeks. The master spy agent genious Naru  creeps and investigates. Five small Nieminens eat only the holes from the bread. Grandma Ant remembers her millionth husband.

Nasty lime is waiting to be wed, the Rastafarians bathe with bouquets of birch branches (vasta) and the headlouse is just waiting for kids to feast with their blood.

The nasty slime (Imulima) is waiting for a wedding.

Based on this book is also created a tv-series Yökyöpelit by YLE  that was favourite to our boys. I must admit that the phonetics are cute with imulima and päätäi Väätäinen. Is this what it is like to live in an apartment house? Maybe not, but it sure is entertaining.

The rastafarians in sauna.

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