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bunny train
Funnytassel's train ride
Lauri Hirvonen:
Hupsutupsun junamatka 2009
Prinsessa Hupsutupsu ja lohikäärme 2011
Huptutupsu perustaa orkesterin 2012


Princess Ladybug, bunny
Funnytassel meets Princess Ladybug.

 Funnytassel's train ride

Funnytassel and her family are taking the trai to see Grandma. Funnytassel takes her Teddybear and Pony with her. The train ride takes all night and during the ride Funnytassel gets to know Princess Ladybug, the singing conductor and many forest animal.
Bunny pretends a lizard is a dragon
Princess Funnytassel and the dragon

Princess Funnytassel and the dragon

Funnutassel makes a crown from wild flowers and the lizard in the garden gets to be the dragon. Funnytassel examines bugs, blows soap bubbles. Suddenly there is light summer rain, but it doesn't matter after the break the make believe game is even more fun.

When it starts to rain, Funnytassel has to go inside.
Funnytassel's orchestra

 Funnytassel's Orchestra

Funnytassel (Hupsutupsu) has a new baby brother, who is still too small to play with her. Funnytassel feels a little grumpy.

She accidently dropps a spoon on a plate and it makes a lovely sound. What other could be used as a musical instrument?

Funnytassel investigates what else can be used
as a musical instrument
Soon Funnytassel is playing the cardboard boxes, yoghurt containers and rubber bands. Only thing missing is a lead singer. Funnytassel's little Brother Tasseltoo (Tupsutuu) turns out to be quite a vocalist.

Cute stories about everyday life. Many Finns have Grandparents living a long train ride away. So the ride there is always a bit of an adventure. In the first book Funnytassel and her family are spending the night in the train, so Grandma must live very far away.

The train puffs through the forest
The second story is about using one's imagination. What would be a better place than a garden? A little positivism is also seen in the rain: it gives a nice break. The last book  comforts those who have recently received a sibling. It's not all bad after all.

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