Thursday, May 7, 2015

Anni and the wolf

wolf forest girl
Anni and the wolf cover
Anu Jaantila 2000: Anni ja Susi
photos by Timo Viljakainen

Anni wonders to the forest and falls asleep. A wolf finds her and after both overcome their fears they become friends. The wolf helps Anni back home.

After the story Kaarina Kauhala tells about wolves' lives. 

At the end of the book reads that the wolf used in the pictures is actually part wolf and part dog. 
wolf girl
The wolf finds Anni sleeping

Finnish people are afraid of wolves and at some parts it is justified. Although it is strange that the media is willing to feed that hunger by telling the stories of how wolves attacked sheep or reindeer. I am not sure how it should be handled, on the other hand people have the right to know.

I am sure the intention of this book was to make wolves less scary, but one thing bother me in this book: if a child should meet a wolf in the forest, what should he/she do? Be friends with it? Aren't the lone wolves the most dangerous?

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