Thursday, January 29, 2015

National treasure: Finnhorse

Sanna Karppinen & Marianne Ketelimäki 2014: Kansallisaarteemme Suomenhevonen

While others treasure gold and dimonds, we here in Finland treasure old domestic animals. Sheep, cows, hen, goats, dogs have all their own breeds that are valued nowadays. They are part of our cultural heritage.

This book is about one national breed: the Finnhorse. The horses were bred in different lines, but the main reason was to have a working horse that could help in the fields in spring, summer and fall and in the forest in winter.

The pictures take the leading role, but the book is very informative as well.

I am not a borse person at all, but after reading this book I understand the horse enthusiast a little bit better.

More about Finnhorse at Suomenhevosliitto, the Kansallisaarteemme Suomenhevonen Facebook page and Hippos.

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