Friday, January 16, 2015

Learning speach sounds

Karoliina Pertamo 2010: Opin äänteet

This book activates the young readers to find the same speech sounds from the pictures.

I am always interested in how the books explain the letters C, Q,W, X and Å to the Finnish kids since they are not used in the Finnish  language.  Well Celsius is easy and xylitol. W can be seen in WC.  Q is just O with tail.

I am also waiting for some nut to suggest to remove these letters from the alphabet for saving money.

Now there is talk about Swedish not being mandatory in the Finnish schools, why don't they take out Å as well? We do not use it and it is so Swedish.

In this book Å is explained through Swedish. A  tart it tårta in Swedish and a track is spår. They don't say why there are no Finnish words with Å.

I like this book, because it has so many words for one letter (exept Å) and it  gives great joy, when the boys find a word that has that specific letter.

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