Monday, October 28, 2013

Winter in Doghill

Kunnas, Mauri 1988

The third Doghill book is about winter in Doghill.

You would think that on a farm there is nothing to do in the winter. Well, that is not the case in Doghill. There is still clothes to wash, mouths to feed and the forest to take care of. 

Even the hunger issues of the 19th century are dealt in the book: the poorer dogs of the village are fed at Doghill and the it emphazises the fact that Doghill is a wealthy house that helps those in need. 

Christmas chores in Doghill
The ambulatory school is in Doghill for two weeks and even adults attend. Learning to read is important to almost all the dogs in world of Doghill. 

Forestry and fertilization

Christmas and Shrovetide are described in detail. At Christmas time the whole hose attends Christmas Church. About the Doghill Christmas Church Mauri Kunnas made another book.

Christmas chores included washing the house with fir branches and gravel, making candles and decorating the floors with straw.

Forestry  as well as fertilizing the fields was done in winter.

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