Monday, October 28, 2013

Doghill kids go to town

Kunnas, Mauri, 1982

The first Doghill book was Doghill farm.  In this book the Doghill kids, Kille and Elsa go to visit their cousins in town.  Their uncle is a baker and has a grand town house, the kids meet other families in town. There is also the shoemaker, who is the alterman of his profession. He has two apprentices, who do not get paid at all.
Kille and Elsa also meet the vice consul Julin and his family. The differences between all these families are remarkable and the kids are amazed at how different things are in town.  The book is full of words that are no longer used. This book as well as the Doghill farm book are great lessons to Finnish history.

Even the school is very different from the ambulatory school Kille and Elsa attend.

The scenes in this book are very much like the LuostarinmäenKäsityöläismuseo in Turku.  Luostarinmäen museo is the old part of Turku, which survived the 1827 fire. A place worth visiting.

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