Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Gigglebug and City-Bunny's skateboard

Anttu Harlin 2018: Kikattava Kakkiainen ja City-Kanin skeittilauta
Illustrated by Joonas Utti

Poppy Hedgehog wants to try out City-Bunny's new sled. Which of course is not s sled, but a skate board. City-Bunny is very proud of it and the others want to see, what it does. City-Bunny explains that it needs a hill, but every hill that the other suggest has something wrong with it: too small, too modest, too round, too lumpy and so on. 

Then Gigglebug has an idea: they can build one!  Together they build a roller coaster style "hill". Finally City-Bunny admits that he/she is scared. The others say they are afraid, too They ride toghether and have a time of their life.

This is the first "story"book about Gigglebug. the first being a think pages small children book. I am glad 

Music videos by GiggleBugVevo.

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