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Noksu kulkee ja keksii -cover
Mikko Kunnas: Noksu kulkee ja keksii 2013

Noksu riding a tractor
A platypus named Noksu and his bee friend Nuppi have eaten all their strawberry jam. They want more and know that Maikki the Beaver has cupboards full of strawberry jam. Off they go.

The journey almost ends before it even starts, when their bike gets a flat tire. After this there is several other pumps in the road. The resourceful Noksu finds away and in every spread the travelers get to ride with a different vehicle: bike, racecar, train, airplane, motorcycle, tractor and a canoe.

In Noksu’s bag is a solution for all troubles. Maikki is waiting for them with pancakes. Noksu and Nuppi take a hot air balloon back home, but they have too much jam. This book introduces the smallest readers to different vehicles and how ingenuity and helpfulness smooth the way.
There are other Noksu books drawn with this comic stylel:
Jopas sattui, Noksu
Noksu auttaa
Noksu ja päivän sää

Noksu as seen in Pikku Kakkonen

Heidi Laine: Noksu ja ystävät 2012
Based on characters by Mikko Kunnas
This book introduces Noksus friends:

Päivi -known as Maikki in the other book is a beave, Nupi is a bee,  Rouva Kana is hen and Vauveli is her baby, an egg.
Tohtori Oiva  is gorilla, Julli is a goat and Kari is an old crocodile.

Noksu and his friends

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