Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Twelve gifts for Santa

Kunnas, Mauri 1987

One of the most beloved Kunnas books.
Little Willie wants to give gifts to Santa. There is still 12 days to Christmas and he decides to give a gift every day.

The gifts are:
1.Clean the library
2.Knit a cap
3.Make an ice rink
4.Make a snow reindeer
5.Remove snow from the yard
6.Win a ski race and gie the price, a Swiss army knife, to Santa
7.Make a Christmas card
8.Stop time
9.Bake gingerbread
10.Sing Christmas carols
11.Decorate a Christmas tree
12.Can’t think of anything
One of these is the best gift Santa has ever received. Mauri Kunnas has portraited Santa very well. I admire the patience Santa has, when little Willie has made an ice rink in front of the outside door, or when he has stopped all clocks in the village.

A lovely all red book about the meaning of giving gifts.

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