Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Claus

Kunnas, Mauri 1981
In the 2001 edition is a preface from Mr. Mauri Kunnas, where he tells the behind the scenes story of how the book came to be and how it became an international best seller.

This book describes what happens in Korvatunturi all year round. Beautiful pictures of the reindeer pasture in Lapland.

Kunnas also tells us how the elves spend their free time: they have theatre club, brass band and they fish.

In this book is also the Christmas chore in Korvatunturi which include gift wrapping,

A nice addition to us Finns is the page where is described how Santa is viewed in different countries.

The last section is about hhat happens, when the gifts are delivered:the elves attend Christmas church, there is a Christmas pageant, sauna of course and naturally the elves eat a christmas dinner. A very lovely book.

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