Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Stones in pocket

Salla Saarni 2019: KiviƤ taskussa, koko perheen kivikirja

The history of our bedrock. Fachinating book about stones. Granite is the most common stone in Finland, but there is more: we all know about Scandinavian mountains, which also spread to the north of Finland, but Finland once had own mountain region (1800 million years ago) Svekofennids.

All kinds of other interesting facts about the surface of earth and the history of our planet.  I thought the Finnish bedrock is boring, since we do not have any volcanoes, but that is not the case.  We had ice age,  we might have dinosaurs, but there is a reason why we do not have any fossils: basically it has all been erased by ice.

The book also gives advice on how to start your own stone collection, which I do not encourage my boys to do.  It also suggests  locations for interesting stone related sights. And I agree, even some of the bedrock that was blown away to build roads is very impressive.

Finland traveled even in the equator
My younger son actually read the whole book.  And he is a very picky reader. I'd like to think that the steady bedrock that we live on has some part of us being reliable Finns. We are solid as a rock, no drama (well for most of us).

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