Monday, December 19, 2016

Hisse's Christmas

 Sari Kanala 2016: Hissen joulu
Illustrated by Daga Ulv

Hisse is a small mouse has a job to do: get a Christmas tree. Usually his dad is with him, but this year his dad has broken his leg and cannot walk.

On his way, he sees animals from the forest needing help. Mice children need help with building a snowman, a mouse girl has lost his boots and is freezing.  Hisse gives his wool socks to warm her feet.  He sees Grandpa wandering around, lost.  Hisse gives him his lantern, so he can find his way back home.

Then he meets a small bat, who fell from his home Hisse gives him his scarf to keep him warm and holds him in his arms. Soon the bat thinks he can start calling for his mother.  And his continues to look for the perfect Christmas tree.

He finds the tree and returns home. Mom had left him a sandwich. He is so tired that he cannot think of Christmas presents. Hisse falls asleep sad.

When he wakes up, cinnamon and the tree. The tree sparkling in the candlelight.  Hisse had slept long and everyone had let him sleep. All mice were admiring the tree. It was the best tree ever. Hisse was happy, he had given the best present ever.

I especially loved that there was a bat in the story. We do not have that many bat species in Finland and I think people are still too afraid of them. This book is definitely about giving immaterial presents (exept the tree). Let's have Christmas spirit through out the year and help each other.

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