Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Muzzle in the snow

Tuula Korolainen 2012: Kuono lumessa.
illustrated by Marjo Nygärd

Tassel is sweeping her empty room. She is mad: they are moving, because humans are building a road.  Her dad understands her, he is not happy either.

Tupsu doesn't want to leave her friends and bandy friends. Her parents try to comfort her. She can visit and write letters.

The mouse family starts to ski and soon Tupsu thinks she even enjoys skiing. The ski trail is even and easy. Tupsu notices others in the forest: the bullfinch is discussing with the great tit, the black grouse is feeding in the bushes and a hare has hopped over the tracks.

Suddenly dad stops, there is blood next to the tracks.  Dad tells Tupsu that in the forest are the same dangers as in the fields: fox, weasel, owl.  Dad starts to sing and Tupsu is not afraid anymore.

It starts to snow and Tupsu starts to slow down. It feels like a rubber band is attached to her back. The rubber band is pulling her back home. Tupsu turns around and starts to ski back. But the snow has covered the tracks and Tupsu gets lost.

Tupsu sees a squirrel and asks for directions, but the squirrel doesn't know. Tupsu is starting to loose faith.  A fox surprises her and grabs her. Tupsu wiggles and falls off to a pile of snow.  A group of mice saves her.  Tupsu finds new friends and together they find Tupsu's family.

Nice story about finding new friends, the dangers of snow and adventure.

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