Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Finnish elves for all seasons

Kirsi Manninen 2012: Tontun vuosi
photographs by Aki Paavola
English translation Malcolm Hicks

This book has also been published in English.
These elves live in Tyynelä. They show us what elves do, when it is not Christmas time.

The Finnish elf is the protector of the forrest and animals and some take part in the human activites in the household chores.  The elves cultivate hay and celebrate Kekri, the Finnish Halloween.

The elves harvestin

The book also includes old recepies for all seasons from Shrovetide pea soup to Christmas porrigde and potato casserole.

The book is illustrated with lovely photographs, which sometimes look very Swedish to me. But most of the Finnish Christmas traditions come from Sweden.
Christmas at Tyynelä

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