Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas at Dollhouse Väinölä

Maria Malmström 2015: Nukkekoti Väinölän joulu

Dollhouse Väinölä is getting ready for Christmas. They make the traditional Christmas treats out of polymer and they look delicious!

Maria Malmström also makes Christmas decorations, my favourite is a miniature cross of Thomas, Tuomaan risti.  She also makes elves, Christmas tree, straw stars and even a engel bell.

For gifts there are instructions how to make a Star of Africa, a tradiotional Finnish board game, rocking horse, sled, doll,  Reino slipprs.

Tuomaan risti (Cross of Thomas)
The photos in this book are full of details and the instrucktions are simple enough for even me to follow. If only I had the patience.

This is the book to read, if you are looking for the Christmas spirit, even if you are not into crafts. Sometimes I forget that I was reading about a doll house and when it hit me, I was facinated how detailed everything was even though they were teeny tiny.

Dollbouse Christmas presents.

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