Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Fairytale joga

Paula Kiuru, Karoliina Tiilikainen 2010: Satujoogaa lapsille

My youngest had joga in preschool! I was a bit surprised and very pleased. I would have never gotten my boys to do joga at home.

Now my son shows us moves like cat, snake,dolphin and camel. I do not know the "real" names for these. But the boys do the diligently.

Then I found this book at the libarary. (Have already told, how amazing the library system in Finland is? You can read the book and then if it is good, you can go and buy it.)

This book has three stories, a desert fox, bear cubs and a mermaid called Desmida. The picture show how the movement is done and it has been given a name suitable for the story: bobcat is cat asana. Bear is downward facing dog.

Even our stiffer than the old and stately pine dad got interested and the boys had fun, because they could do something dad couldn't! Always a competion.

The book also has exercises for recognizing emotions: what would a sad or glad statue look like. What kind of emotions does thinking "yes" or "no" create? and few others.

I also found these wonderful animal joga cards.

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