Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Overly helpful Sandman

Harri Tarkka 2005: Liian innokas nukkumatti

 Nestori the platipus is ready to go to sleep, when all of a sudden his room is filled with noise:his friend Pystyhylje, the seal is playing sandman and wants to get Nestori to sleep.

The effect is quite the opposite. The sandman wannabe offers Nestori a sleep menu, where he can choose what kind of dream he would like to see: maybe arriving to the daycare naked? Or be a hero or food?

Pystyhylje and Buffen argue
 When Nestori is almost falling asleep his buddy makes some noise so he can't. Bluffen, Nestori's pelican friend arrive and he and Pystyhylje start to argue what kind of sand is the best for falling a sleep (in Finnish we use unihiekka, sleep sand to get children to sleep). Finally Nestori falls asleep listening to them argue.

Sleep is very important and falling asleep is difficult to some children (and adults). This sandman does not help.

Menu for dreams: naked in daycare, getting strong, flying,
being a lizard, being food
Finally the two sleep professionals understand to leave
and let Nestori 

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