Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Book of Cows

Paula Moilanen 1993: Lehmäkirja
Illustrated by Martti Sirola

I am a cow fan. Their relaxed, calm behaviour is very comforting and as comparison to skittish horses, they even produce milk and even meat.  Horses look great, but they scare way too easily and have very unpredctable.

Anyway, this book is all about the Finnish cow. It starts with an ode to cows.  Then we learn about the  relatives of cows: the buffalo, antilopes, goats, giraffes, moose, pigs and even camels.

The history part describes who cows were domesticated and how the agriculture evolved in Finland and how cows employ people.

Cross-section of a barn.
There are many pictures of the modern barn of the 1990s and the working day of the cow.  Interesting is, how the stomach of the cow works and how milk is produced.

The illustrations of the book include photos and drawings.

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