Monday, February 22, 2016

Grandma Bunny's skivacation surprise

Asta Vuokkomaa 2014: Mummi Pupun hiihtolomayllätys

Bunny Brown and Bunny White are going to their Grandma's for skivacation. In the olden days, there was always snow and everybody got a chance to ski.

Today it only rains and the boys are a little disappointed to visit their Grandma in the city. But Grandma has a surprise: she is taking them to the Bunny Islands in the south.  All kinds of things happen.

The ski vacation is in the southern parts of Finland on  week number 8 (the last week of February), Central Finland has the next week and North Finland has week 10. Officially the break is called Talviloma (Winterbreak), but everyone speaks about Hiihtoloma (Skibreak).

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