Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Welcome to Rauhala

Jenni Kirves 2015: Tervetuloa Rauhalaan
illustrated by Annika Hiltunen

Toivo is a small boy, who's parents have been fighting several days. Toivo feels horrible and hides in the attic.  All of a sudden the stairs start to grow and take Toivo to Rauhala, where the flowers are more colorful and the water sparkles brighter.  Toivo would like to stay, but in the same time he misses his parents. He's only wish is that they would not fight so much.

Rauha also shows what happens after death.

Toivo means Hope and I have been trying to figure out, what it means that it is masculine in the Finnish language and feminine in the English language. We also have a female name Rauha, which means peace and masculine name Usko (Faith).  Maybe it does not mean anything.

This book is very colorful and without any religious pathos, is very reassuring. It also teaches us adults to think about our own actions from the child's point of view.

Some one once said that the parents everyday is the child's childhood. What kind of childhood do want our children to have? It has given me a new perspective on my every day activities.

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